Where It All Started

Sienit Group made its start-up back in 1994 with the establishment of the first of the companies – Sienit Ltd. Initially, the company focused on the development of residential projects supplying the demand of the construction services market in that period. A major drive on the business track of the company proved to be the emergence of the first foreign ‘on green’ investments of Ferrero Germany, Miroglio Italy, Liebherr Germany and Socotab Switzerland. Sienit lived up to a substantial experience in the industrial engineering coining a name for itself as a trusted and reliable business partner. Having seen its business expanded, the company assumed its holding structure, notably Sienit Holding which was to integrate and make the best of the processes of a comprehensive implementation of investment projects. After a profound analysis of the difficulties for the investors of ‘on green’ industrial projects the wheels of industrial zone development were put in the motion aiming at providing for a plain sailing of investment projects effectuation. Sienit Holding created the first industrial zones in Bulgaria –”Maritza” Industrial & Commercial Zone and “Rakovski” Industrial Zone, which in seven years’ time have proven to be the home of ca. € 1 billion investments.

Now that the business has developed and expanded, the companies of the group got involved in the construction of landmark projects in Plovdiv, prominent infrastructure and environmental projects in the country. In 2012, Sienit Holding built the largest PV park in Bulgaria. 2013 stands out for the involvement of Sienit Holding in thus-far largest-scale project, notably Trakia Economic Zone. This project was set to pool in all industrial areas in the vicinity of Plovdiv for the purposes of enhancing the services provided to local and foreign investors. Trakia Economic Zone provides over 7 million square meters land to supply investors` investment demand. Along its 28 years of track record, Sienit Holding has developed upward of 140 projects – industrial, residential, commercial and administrative, over the aggregate area of 1.7 million square meters, plus over 80 infrastructure assignments.

The group keeps intensely at play in the property development business having set its sight high at enhancing the quality of services and projects to live up to the latest global technologies, innovations and quality metrics.

The Specialized Investment Group “SIG”

In 1985, SIG started with a small firm having business interest in agriculture contracts and with strong determinations and continuous team efforts our firm has not only became one of the largest agricultural companies but also it was the starting core of our well known organizations in the Emirates which operates in Education, manufacturing, constructions, Electromechanical, Transportation and logistical sectors. SIG aims to become a dominant diversified investment group in the local market and as well as in international markets by managing a portfolio of investments.

SIG contributes to our valued customers by making their product second to none in these competitive and borderless markets. Our commitment to the economy, environment and community has always remained their forte while maintaining an eye for “targeted return on investment”. Thus, SIG determined to fulfill every objective and ride the waves of success with a group of dedicated, qualified and innovative individuals, on line with our core values.


We stand behind our vision and are dedicated to the well-being of our clients, team members, surrounding communities and building teams. To that end it is our goal and mission to always provide a safe working environment, encourage and help our team members to improve, grow and thrive in an environment of continues learning, remain committed to our strategic plans, be responsive to our clients needs, build strong and long-term relationships, and devote our time and resources to improve the communities where we live and do business.


SIG, a conglomerate of diversified service which is known for superior quality, focused beyond customer expectations and corporate social responsibility.


We, the employees of SIG, are dedicated to excellence and our policy is to achieve sustained growth by providing services which consistently satisfy the needs & expectations of our clients. Achievement of this policy involves all staff, which is individually responsible for the quality of the work, resulting in continually improving working environment for all.

SIG Members

SIG have successfully and proudly built a number of well known companies and establishments that are undertaking a various range of commercial activities in UAE. Working individually yet in harmony with each other, each firm is holding its own individual management and separate team members, with a developed vision to further expand each in its own field and specialties.